Remote Room
April 28 - August 31, 2007
Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin, Germany

Installation view of Remote Room, Galerie Barbara Wien, Berlin
Photo: Roman März

Haegue Yang's exhibition "Remote Room" at Barbara Wien is composed of four bodies of work that explore the boundaries between the second and third dimensions and the materiality of the supplies that Yang uses to create her drawings and sculptures.

In a series of large drawings that she calls Non-Foldings Yang has strewn origami objects on large sheets of paper and then spray painted them. The resulting drawing is a constellation of geometric shapes, their outlines revealed as if Yang had used a stencil. Through this process, Yang reduces her origami (pieces of colored paper folded elaborately into small figurines) to its most basic, original element: flat, blank paper.

Conversely, in a set of wall reliefs, DIN A4/DIN A3/ DIN A2 Whatever Being (2006), Yang transforms standard printing paper into three-dimensional sculpture.

Yang's work is subtle, negotiating between the idea of permanent form and movement in time and space. A new set of drawings references Marcel Broodthaer's film La pluie (Projet pour un texte), in which a text is erased by the rain as it is being written. Yang's drawings, like the text, are simultaneously created and erased by raindrops.

Much of Yang's work deals with the instability of an artist's life, in constant movement from place to place. At Barbara Wien, two intravenous drip-stands are laden with lightbulbs. Yang calls them Vulnerable Arrangements as they reflect the transience of physical and sensual presence.

Press release, Galerie Barbara Wien, 2007

Exhibited work

Quasi MB – In the Middle of Its Story, 2006-2007

Series of Vulnerable Arrangements – noir et blanc, 2007

Non-Foldings, 2007

Whatever Beings, 2006-2007/2011