On-going series of partially wrapped drying racks

Semi-Dépliable – Andante

Drying rack, light bulbs, cable, fabric, metal fringe, metal net tube, metal rings, metal chains, metal sponges, Takoyaki oil brush, rope balls

171 x 61 x 60 cm

Courtesy of Kukje Gallery, Seoul

Photo: Nicolas Pelzer

Semi-Dépliable – Andante Moderato

Drying racks, light bulbs, cable, fabric, Eundan candy bottle, fan grills, pickett templates, metal rings, metal chains, ping pong balls, safety pins

146 x 100 x 57 cm

Courtesy of Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris

Photo: Nicolas Pelzer

Semi-Dépliable – Grave

Drying rack, light bulbs, cable, knitting yarn, metal rings, metal chains, fabric, cosmetic sponges, fan grills, hair rollers, massage object, cosmetic brushs, pine cones, spray paint

169 x 61 x 65 cm

Private collection, New York

Photo: Nicolas Pelzer

Exhibition history

Teacher of Dance, Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, UK, 2011

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