Temporary Belgrade Light

Exhibition view of MICRO-NARRATIVES, 48th October Salon, Belgrade, Serbian

Title of each lamp
size in (H x W x D) in cm

Mother and Child
White Knitting
Metallic Squares
Millimeter paper Fan
African Continent

1. Mother and Child
Two ring shaped florescent lights and one LED light bulb in switching seven colous,
all in white and grey stripe cable and one white light bulb(E27) with origami mobil-object in green and pink
(158 x 58 x 58)

2. White Knitting
Knitted piece(ca. 6 meter), white cable and 6 white bulb holders(E14),
two white transparent light bulbs(one round and one oval)
and single colour light bulbs(red, blue, green and yellow).
(178 x 58 x 58)

3. Metallic Squares
knitted quares in metallic, black cable
nine metal bulb holders (6 in gold and 3 in silver, all in E27)
and 9 light bulbs (6 in milky white LED and 3 in milky white normal light)
(178 x 58 x s58)

4. Colourful
colourful cables (black, red, orange, yellow, braun and green) and seven black bulb holders(E27)
with seven light bulbs (3 seven colous, one red LED, one red, one green and one blue)
( 164 x 58 x 58)

5. Millimeter paper Fan
White cable, white bulb holder, transparent light bulbs(E27)
with millimeter paper fans in violet, magenta, green, yellow and normal grid)
(150 x 58 x 58)

6. African Continent
Black cable and black yet various shaped bulb holders and
(158 x 58 x 58)

7. Blacklight
black and white cable and 5 black light and one white energy saving light
(158 x 58 x 58)


Exhibition view of MICRO-NARRATIVES, 48th October Salon, Belgrade, Serbian